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Those who ride the Megiddo Ark..
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Steed In A Stag-Horned Bridle :icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 34 4 Sacred Intersex - The Triplicate of the Heavens :icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 14 0 The Sky-Wheel Shines Radiant :icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 17 3
Let the Spindle Be Spun - A Chant
Let the Spindle be newly spun,
Thread and needle shall soon become one;
The Waters are ebbing and the Waters are flowing,
Rising with the tide of the young.
Let the Spindle be swiftly spun,
And weave together a tapestry of one;
The Earth is greening and the Earth is blooming,
Growing stronger in the warm sun.
Let the Spindle be slowly spun,
And blankets be made for everyone;
The Fires are crackling and the Fires are burning,
And the old year will soon be done.
Let the Spindle be wisely spun,
And fresh wool prepared for everyone;
The Wind is blowing and the Wind is moving,
And the snow-melt begins to run.
:icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 8 9
Realistic Equine Colour Palettes - #3 :icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 36 5
The Eyes that Watch, and the Lips that Sing
In splendid sun and snowy-crowned,
The shadows of the wood licking at quiet heels,
Dark eyes softly watching from the edge of tall trees
Listen to the church bells ring the solemn hour.
The afternoon lays low, winter light silver and cold,
And the frosted breath of the living
Dance of notes of worship.
There, standing where the wild things are,
Perplexed and perked of velvet ears,
A face neither womanly nor mannish
Lifts eyes to the spire of the looming church.
The roll of sacred Latin
Is both foreign and familiar,
Sung high in the morning
And a lullaby when nighttime embraces.
Xe hums, wordless, to the tune of their God
And the birds raise their voices high;
They know not the music most divine,
But they too join the choir,
And the congregation gathered within.
They would not recognize xem,
Not after all these years,
But some swear they hear a voice
That is and isn't their own
All at the same time.
It is a fickle thing, memory -
Those who forget sometimes never truly,
And those that re
:icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 13 11
Realistic Equine Colour Palettes - #2 :icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 61 12 Realistic Equine Colour Pallettes - #1 :icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 145 13 Sacred Masculine - The Triple Sun :icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 18 18 Two of Ifin :icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 31 10
Sun, Sand and Stone
Sand, stone, sand, stone, sand, stone
Sand, stone, sand, stone, sand, stone
Sand, stone, sand, stone, sand, stone
Earth, scorched, drought, withering
Burnt, baked, gone adrift now
Smoking, scent when rain falls
Dust, petrichor, no mercy for
Waterless, and tireless
Unending, still reaching
Nothing is right, sure, pure
Everything runs, flees, hides
It's all gone, drained away
Rain, mocking, falls down once
It never stays for long
Nothing is left to drink
We wait for it to fill
Too many dip their cup
And we are left and empty.
Sand, stone, sand, stone, sand, stone
Sand, stone, sand, stone, sand, stone
Sand, stone, sand, stone, sand, stone
:icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 6 2
Call to A Nourishing Mother - A Prayer
Mzazi, Morsa, Mueter Valide Eje,
Ammee, Mamm', Me Mam Muter,

O Great Mother,
Bosom of the World,
Wipe our tears from bleeding faces,
Take us from these dying places.
Moeder, Mëmë, Ahm Mai Ma Taica,
Ana, Ama, Matka Màder Mèder,

O Great Mother,
Nurse of the Infinite,
Shelter us in storms of metal and rain,
Hold our hands to ease our pain.
Mãe Madèr, Mamm, Macii Matre Bata,
Mare, Nanay, Nana Mati Abatyse,
Mor Moer....

O Great Mother,
First of the Living,
Soothe the anger in raging hearts,
Ease the passing of those that depart.
Mére Panjo, Ema, Móðir Äiti Moeder,
Maman, Emo, Mari Nai Mutter,

O Great Mother,
Mother of Life and Mother of Plenty,
Call down the light from the sky above,
Fill the World with your long-forgotten love.
Salentino, Makuahine, Ma Anya Iloy,
Máthair, Madre, Okaasan Amma,

O Great Mother,
She Whose Love Grows Wi
:icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 6 7
Vesta's Bird :icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 38 16 The Legacies We Leave Behind :icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 37 8 Sleipnir Emblazoned :icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 20 7 Thrice-Horse Epona - Chant :icontwaravenmotifs:TwaRavenMotifs 20 3
All artwork is 2011 - ? TwaRaven Motifs, and may not be used elsewhere without my prior permission. That includes RP/roleplaying websites, in your own images, etc.


Felt Wolf slip case :iconvocedelbosco:VoceDelBosco 7 0 My northern traditional bustle :iconseejpe:Seejpe 6 10 March 2017 Color Palettes :iconethelbutt:Ethelbutt 31 2 127 :iconinfrablack-stock:Infrablack-stock 51 7 Ancient Earth Mother Knotwork :iconspiralpathdesigns:Spiralpathdesigns 68 6 Baileys 4 :iconenemphoto:Enemphoto 7 0 Yellow Flowers :iconmegarah-moon:Megarah-Moon 2 0 Ice wolf [Ebay] :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 1,837 51 waterfront ripples :iconjesterrysources:jesterrysources 2 0 The Guardians :iconryky:ryky 3,688 138 Red Rose for the White Queen :iconmcafeekelsey:McAfeeKelsey 31 10 Daily Paint 1545. Spinachsaurus :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,773 185 Turtle :iconpaivatar:Paivatar 148 16 Riverbank stock :iconak-outstanding:AK-Outstanding 6 0 Arctic wolf loves yoga :iconwoxys:woxys 1,556 94


Or any site advertising it on mugs, bags, accessories, the works - I haven't put it up for sale there. My art appears to have been uploaded to at least three to four different websites that sell this kind of merchandise. That's not me, and I haven't asked anyone to put it up there.

~ TwaRaven


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
TwaRaven Motifs: An account specializing in mythical, symbolic, abstract and esoteric art, for the lovers of all things spiritual, mysterious and full of open interpretation. New artwork is uploaded as quickly as the artist can create it.


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